Profile of Mangrove Society of India:

Mangrove Society of India (MSI) is a non-profit and non-political organization that has been working for protection, conservation and sustainable use of mangroves. MSI was established in 1990 and registered under Societies Act Govt. of India with registration no. 90/Goa/1990. Dr S. Z. Qasim, eminent Biologist and Oceanographer is the Chairman of MSI. It has about 150 active members spread across the coastal states of India. Many of its members have actively worked on different aspects of mangroves and they are consultants/advisers to various Govt. agencies and private corporate houses. Some are on the National and International mangrove committees. MSI has affiliation with research and govt. institutions, corporate houses, NGO's and stakeholders etc. from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc.


Objectives and functions:

  • To promote any science related to mangrove ecosystem among various strata of people of the territory.
  • To publish, sponsor, distribute and exchange scientific. literature and newsletters published by the Society from time to time.
  • To sponsor, support, organize scientific meetings/workshops/ lecture series/awards or conferences, as necessary.
  • To cooperate, collaborate and liase with other national and international organizations devoted to the various aspects of mangrove sciences.
  • To promote different aspects of basic and applied aspects of mangrove sciences for human welfare.
  • Ultimate opjectives of 'Mangrove Society of India' are the preservation of the exsisting mangrove forests in India and to promote its afforestation and regeneration with a view to nurture and protect the living organisms the mangrove ecosystem supports, all with the purpose of preventing damage to the coastal areas and also improVing the ecosystem for the general public welfare.



To protect and conserve Indian mangroves by adopting environment friendly, scientifically sound techniques/methodologies.



The Mission shall be to assist other NGOs, Govt. agencies, research and Govt. Institutes, organizations and Citizens to build up their capacities for protection and conservation of Indian mangroves.



  • MSI will act as watchdog and advise Govt. organizations, institutions, corporate houses, stakeholders in matters concerning the conservation of mangroves.
  • MSI will be particularly interested to train younger generations and will create awareness amongst them to conserve and protect mangroves.
  • To organise alliances and networks with partners to develop an appropriate developmental perspective to conserve mangroves.
  • To organise issue-based Forums to achieve appropriate solutions to mangrove protection.
  • Capacity building of NGOs, corporate houses, Govt. institutions, stakeholders etc. by providing necessary training for their personnel.
  • To assist and coordinate activities pertaining to mangrove conservation.
  • To play an active role in ensuring the participation of local people in making decisions in respect of mangroves.
  • To provide necessary information in respect of mangroves by publishing books, booklets, bulletins, newsletters, leaflets and posters as well as issue-based articles in newspapers and periodicals.

Recently there has been increasing awareness about the mangrove ecosystem at various levels in India.Concerned departments of Central and State Government, Research Institues, Private and Corporate bodies, NGOs and also the common man have started taking initiatives for conservetion and management of mangroves. Even the International Organizations like GEF, UNDP, JICA, ICEF, ISME etc. have started several mangrove projects along the Indian coast.

Mangrove Awareness programmes have increased trementously due to the natural calmnities like cyclones, floods, Tsunamis and also forthcoming Sea Level Rise.Appropriate Technologies for mangrove conservation and management are easily available.

Inspite of these encouraging achievements, the mega cities are still experiencing mangrove deforestation, pollution and degradation due to population and developmental pressures like international airport coming up in Navi Mumbai. There are enough legal provisions to protect mangroves.The Coastal Regulation Zone(CRZ) Rule is one such provision which protects mangroves under CRZ-I category. There ia also an urgent need to bring all mangrove areas and activities under one nodal agency.

Mangrove Society of India through the newsletter- MANGAL-VAN- appeals to all its members and readers to be alert and vocal in these matters and directly or indirectly protect mangroves, because this precious intertidal forest is going to protect us.