General Body Meetings:

1st General Body Meeting

Unanimously agreed to start MSI fully supported by Mrs. Geeta Srinivasan, Dr. Marta Vannucci, Dr. A.g. Utanwale and several others.


2nd General Body Meeting

At the second general body meeting, a new Executive committee was elected.

  1. President:
    Dr. S.Z. Qasim, New Delhi
  2. Vice-President:
    Prof Amalesh Choudhury, Kolkata, (W.B.)
    Mr.Bittu Sehgal, Mumbai
  3. Executive Secretary:
    Dr. A.G. Untawale, Goa
  4. Joint Secretary:
    Dr. T.G. Jagtap, Goa
  5. Treasurer:
    Dr. Sayeeda Wafar, Goa
  6. Members:
    • Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh, Mumbai
    • Dr. L.K. Banerjee, Kolkata
    • Mr. Vivek Kulkarni, Mumbai
    • Prof. K.Kathiresan, Porto Novo
    • Mr. R.J. Asari, Jamnagar
    • Mr. V.T. Thomas, Goa
    • Dr. P.Das, Bhubaneshwar
    • Dr. C.N. Mohanan, Thiruvananthapuram
    • Dr. H.S. Singh, Vadodara

The newsletter MANGAL-VAN was published.

Postal stamps on mangroves were released.

Mumbai chapter of M.S.I was formed

  1. Chairperson: Mrs. Usha Kiran
  2. Secretary: Pravin Chaudhary
  3. Other members were selected.


Awareness of mangroves in India - Participation in several National Programmes.

3rd General Body Meeting:

The 3rd M.S.I. General Body meeting was held on 19th March 2010 at 2 p.m. at the National Institute of Oceanography, DonaPaula - Goa.All the life members as well as registered annual members attended the meeting.

Executive Secretary read the reports of the previous General Body meetings which were confirmed unanimously.

Dr. Sayeeda Wafar, treasurer of M.S.I. presented the accounts which were approved by G.B. unanimously.

Election of the new executive committee was held.

Dr. S.Z. Qasim was reselected as president of M.S.I unanimously.

Recommendations were received from the members, which would be circulated to the concerned authorities.

Workshop on "Trends in Mangrove Ecosystems" was held.

Dr. S.Z. Qasim, president of M.S.I. inaugrated the workshop and Prof. S. Baba, Executive Secretary, ISME, Okinova, Japan, gave a keynote address.

On 18th March 2010, there was a field visit to Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary.

Four sessions on Mangrove Management, Mangrove Conservetion, Social & Legal Aspects of mangroves, and Mangrove Database Management were held, followed by interactions and discussions.