Kingdom : Plantae
Phylum : Magnoliophyta
Class : Equisetopsida
Order : Lamiales
Genus : Avicennia
Species : marina
Author : (Forssk.) Vierh.


Color: Flowers are yellow, in terminal condensed cymes.
Shrubs or small trees, up to 4 m tall. Leaf-blades ovate or lanceolate to lanceolate-oblong or elliptic, usually abruptly acute at the apex, glabrous. Flowers sessile in terminal cymes; calyx deeply lobed; corolla pale yellow, 5-8 mm wide, ovary villous; stigmas 2. Capsules 12-15 mm long, ovoid, apiculate at apex, compressed.
Flowering season: April-June; Fruiting season: June-August
This mangrove species grows in highly saline soils.
This species can be distinguished from other Avicennia species by its elliptic oblong or elliptic ovate leaves and very short beaked, bean-like fruits.