Kingdom : Plantae
Phylum : Magnoliophyta
Class : Equisetopsida
Order : Myrtales
Genus : Sonneratia
Species : caseolaris
Author : (L.) Engler, 1897


Small trees up to 6 m tall, bark white; branches low and spreading, pneumatophores many, corky, arising from the horizontal roots. Leaves 5-10 x 3-5 cm, nearly sessile, elliptic-oblong or obovate, mucronate at apex, much attenuated at base. Flowers 4-6 cm across reddish-purple, solitary and terminal; calyx-tube flattened, 6 lobed; petals 6, linear oblong, 2 cm long, membranous; ovary depressed-globose; style nearly 3 cm long, stigma capitates. Fruits 4-6 cm in diameter, depressed globose with persistent calyx and pointed style.
Flowering and fruiting during March-July, March-October (West Bengal), March-September (Orissa), throughout the year (Karnataka)