Kingdom : Plantae
Phylum : Magnoliophyta
Class : Equisetopsida
Order : Malpighiales
Genus : Rhizophora
Species : stylosa
Author : Griff.


Trees up to 12 m tall with many sympodial branches; stem-base supported by many branching stilt roots. Leaves 6-15 x 5-7 cm, broadly elliptic-oblong, coriaceous, obtuse at apex, cuneate at base. Flowers in dichotomously branching axillary cymes, 8-16 in number, pedicellate; peduncles 3-5 cm, 4-6 times forked; calyx lobes 7-9 mm; petals yellowish, purple tinged at apices, fleshy, 6-7 mm long, densely hairy along the margins; stamens 8, 4 episepalous, 4 epipetalous; styles 3-5 mm long, slightly forked. Hypocotyle 20-50 cm long, cylindrical, warty.
Flowering and fruiting from August-October.
Rhizophora stylosa is recognised from the other two species of Rhizophora by its longer style and free part of the ovary seated on the disk.