Kingdom : Plantae
Phylum : Magnoliophyta
Class : Equisetopsida
Order : Malpighiales
Genus : Rhizophora
Species : mucronata
Author : Lamk. 1794


Trees up to 20 m tall with many upwardly growing branches; leaf scars prominent, close; stem base supported by numerous branches stilt-roots. Leaves 10-18 x 4-10 cm, broadly elliptic or ovate-oblong, coriaceaous, abruptly acute or blunt with a rolled up tip (mucro) at apex, cuneate at base. Flowers in axillary cymes,4-8 in number, pedicellate, cream colored, fragrant; calyx 12-14 mm long, ovate; petals 9-10 mm long, lanceolate, fleshy, villose; stamens 6-8 mm long, 8 in number, 4 episepalous, 4 epipetalous; style 1-2 mm; free part of ovary emerging above the disk. Hypocotyle 30-65 cm long, cylindrical.
Flowering and fruiting during July-October, February- December ((West Bengal), November-April (Orissa), April-August (Andhra Pradesh), July-September (Tamil Nadu), August-April (Karnataka), throughout the year (Kerala, Goa), September-June (Maharashtra).
Rhizophora mucronata is readily recognised from Rhizophora apiculata from its axillary cymes with more than two flowers, hairy petals and 8 stamens.