Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Aves
Order : Ciconiiformes
Genus : Butorides
Species : striatus
Author : Linnaeus, 1758


Size: 40-48 cm; Length 40-41 cm.
Color: general colour blackish green; grey below; throat white; buff to chestnut line down foreneck; erectile feathers on crown. Immature dark brown spotted white above, buff and dark brown streaking below. Bare parts: iris yellow, deep orange when breeding; lores green to blue, yellow when breeding; bill black above, yellow green below with black tip, entirely black when breeding; feet and legs grey brown in front, yellow behind, yellow to reddish orange when breeding.
Voice: Usually silent, when flushed utters alarm note k'yow or k'yek.
Habits: Solitary, frequents the same area, crepuscular, usually remains in thick vegetation, occasionally active during day, often perches on overhanging branches. Apparently breeds twice a year from March to September.
Adult: Sexes alike, chiefly a black, grey and dark metallic green heron with black bill, glossy greenish-black forehead, crown and longish occipital crest, white chin, cheeks and central throat, grey head and neck. Upper parts slaty-grey glossed with bronze-green, lower parts ashy-grey and under tail-coverts white with blackish edges, legs dull green or plumbeous green. Juvenile: Brownish above, white with white spots.
Nesting: Season- overall March to August, varying locally. Nest- a rough stick platform up in a small tree on the edge of water, or in a mangrove swamp. Built singly, not in colonies. Eggs-3 to 5, very like the Paddy Bird's, pale greenish blue.