Kingdom : Plantae
Phylum : Magnoliophyta
Class : Equisetopsida
Order : Malpighiales
Genus : Bruguiera
Species : parviflora
Author : Wight & Arnold ex Griffith


Trees up to 18 m tall, with many upright branches; stem base buttressed with fresh colored knee-like bent roots. Leaves 6.5-10.5 x 2.5-4 cm, elliptic-oblong retuse at apex, attenuate at base, petioles 2-2.5 cm long, yellowish. Inflorescence axillary, pedunculate cyme, 2-3 flowered; flowers greenish-white; calyx-tube up to 2 cm long in fruit, narrow, ribbed; petals 1.5-2 mm, white, bilobed, apex of the petal lobe with 3 long cilia; sinus with a bristle, petal margins sparsely hairy. Hypocotyle 7-12 cm long, smooth, cylindrical, slightly curved in the middle.
Flowering and fruiting from April - October (West Bengal), March - September (Orissa).
Bruguiera parviflora is easily recognized from Bruguiera cylindrical from its yellowish petioles; ribbed, narrow calyx-tube and articulate pedicels of flowers. Usually grows in sheltered parts behind Avicennia marina communities.